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Want a chance to hunt big game this fall? The remaining 2023 deer, elk can be sold starting July 11th

Salt Lake City – If you didn’t pull a male deer or bull elk permit during your hunting draw earlier this year – and you’re still interested in hunting deer or elk this fall – your last chance to get a permit starts next week.

Permits are first come first served and to purchase a permit you must have a valid hunting or combined licence.

The sale dates of the permits are as follows:

Elk allows

  • General Season Archery Moose Permits – for adults and young people – will be available from 8:00 on Tuesday 11 July. General season archery moose permits are unlimited.

  • Juvenile elk permits for the general season will be available from 8:00 on Tuesday 11 July. New this year, juvenile permits will allow all juveniles — 17 years or younger on July 31 — to hunt all general season moose hunts, including archery, muzzleloaders, and both gun seasons legal in both bull and spike hunting units. The hunter will only need to use the applicable weapon and harvest the applicable animal for that hunting unit. These permits are unlimited and will be available for purchase from July 11 through the last day of the last moose hunt of the general season.

  • General season any bull moose allows – for adults – will be available from 8:00 on Thursday 13 July. New for this year, the general season bull moose hunt is split into two seasons. The Early Season Hunt will be held October 7-13 and offer 15,000 permits. (Juvenile permits won’t come off that total and are unlimited.) The end-of-season hunt will be held Oct. 14-20 and has unlimited permits. The muzzle-loading hunt will be held November 1-9 and is part of the total of 15,000 permits. There are no longer any multi-season permits available for bull elk hunting.

  • General season spiked bull elk permits – for adults and juveniles – will be available from 8:00am on Thursday 20 July for hunts with any legal, muzzleloading, multi-season firearm. A total of 15,000 permits are available, with a limit of 4,500 for multi-season permits.

Deer allowed

  • General season hart allows remaining after the big game draw will be available from 8am on Tuesday 18th July. There are a total of 76 permits remaining.

  • Youth General Season Archery Deer Permits will also be available at 8am on Tuesday 18 July. These permits are not left over from any kind of extraction – they are reserved every year specifically for juvenile hunters. You can find the total number of permits available and applicable units listed on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website.

Limited-entry bison and deer and pronghorn permits

  • Limited-entry over-the-counter hart, pronghorn, and bison permits they will all be available from 8 am on Tuesday 11 July. Only two limited-entry hart permits and two limited-entry pronghorn permits are available, but the Nine Mile Hunting Unit’s bison permits are unlimited. (You must complete an online orientation course before you can buy one of the bison permits.)

You can get more details on permits (including for what hunting units they are and how many are available for each unit) on the DWR website. While the webpage isn’t actively updated after permits go on sale, you can see the total number of permits remaining before the sale days begin.

How can I buy one of these permits?

Persons interested in purchasing a permit can purchase online, at a DWR office or at any available license agent. However, as these permits are on sale from 8am, be sure to check the hours of the nearest available agent before heading there. You can find all licensing agents on the DWR website.

There will also be a virtual waiting room for those buying online, to better manage the pressure of the high volume of people who want to buy permits. If a customer refreshes or leaves the queue page, they may lose their place in the queue and have to start over.

“If you happened to miss big game mining or were unsuccessful, this is your last opportunity for a chance to hunt big game in Utah this fall,” said Lindy Varney, DWR Wildlife Licensing Coordinator . « Don’t forget that you can mentor a young person during these hunts, making it a great opportunity to pass on your love of the outdoors to the next generation. »

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the 2023 Utah Playground Regulations Guide before you start exploring and planning your hunt for the fall. It can be found online, along with the 2023 Big Game Application Guide and information on the 2023 Hornless Hunts.

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